Tutorial Videos 
The video examples below are just a fraction of what you'll find inside! Click on a link to see the video of your choice then double click on the video to expand it to full screen view!
Video Excerpts - This video has a number of  lesson excepts from different lesson videos on the site.

Intermediate Lesson Substituting b9 For 1 - This lesson explains how to substitute the b9 for the root of the chord. The voicings used in this lesson are called drop 2 inversions. I explain how to create and learn those in another lesson inside the site. This video would be the next step after viewing and learning the drop 2 lessons.

Advanced Lesson Blues - This lesson is just one of the many lessons on the blues. It shows a pentatonic scale used in a musical way with an "extra" note added to the scale!

Advanced Lesson Block Chord Melody - PDF Music File with Tab Available to Members - This lesson is a block chord melody of Santa Clause Is Coming To Town. It will give you a good start in learning how to create not only block chord melodies but also concepts to learning how to develop block chord solos!
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